Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, Backcountry Trails, Pets, and Closed Days Use Policies

Ragged Mountain Recreation Area and Camden Snow Bowl
Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, Pets, Closed-Day and Backcountry Use
Information and Policies

Nordic Skiing:
The 22 Tacks trail is approximately 3 Km (2 miles) long. It connects to a 5 Km (3 mile) loop on adjacent property of the Coastal Mountains Land Trust’s Ragged Mountain Preserve.  When conditions permit, there is both a classic track and a lane for skate skiing  Walk or ski up to the left (south side) of Slip Way where there is a trail kiosk with maps and information.  

  • 22 Tacks is not a beginner trail.  The first and last sections are steep with many switchbacks and are classified as “Black Diamond” or “Most Difficult.” The rest of the trail is much less strenuous. Returning to the parking area from the top of the Toboggan Chute most skiers will want to take their skis off and walk.
  • 22 Tacks connects to the Nordic Loop in the Ragged Mountain Preserve of the Coastal Mountains Land Trust, which is a 5 Km loop through gentle terrain.
  • When conditions allow, a Nordic ski track will be set on Hosmer Pond.
  • Although these trails are not patrolled, they are actively groomed and you may encounter mechanized grooming equipment. Be prepared to take care of yourself. Skiing with a friend is recommended.
  • Construction, maintenance and grooming of these trails are done in collaboration with the Coastal Mountains Land Trust and private landowners.
  • Please stay on the marked trail system and ski in the direction indicated.
  • There are currently no trail fees for using the Nordic and snowshoe trails, however, donations toward the substantial costs of maintaining and grooming the Nordic trails are much appreciated! Please stop at the Snow Bowl office with your donation.

There are snowshoe trails on either side of the RMRA that access the Ragged Mountain Preserve, managed by the Coastal Mountain Land Trust:
Hosmer Brook Trail: Accessed from behind the Big T-Bar base and up the north (right) side of Spinnaker trail to signs. About 1.5 mile “lollipop” loop.
The Other Snowshoe Trail: Starts to the left of Slip. Follow snowshoe signs up steep grade to the plateau where it largely follows next to the Nordic Loop.  2.5- mile “lollipop” loop.
During normal Snow Bowl operating hours the Rental Shop has several pairs of snowshoes for rent and maps for the trails.
Please do not snowshoe on Nordic or Alpine Trails.
December 1st through March 31st:

  • All pets must be on leash at all times when visiting the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area.
  • Pets are only allowed:
    • while hiking or snowshoeing behind the Big T-Bar base and up the north (right) side of Spinnaker trail to and from the Hosmer Brook Trail
    • in the toboggan chute area, on the fields around the base area, on Hosmer Pond, in the parking lots.
  • Pets are not allowed on any Alpine or Nordic skiing terrain in the RMRA, regardless of whether there is snow on the ground or whether the Snow Bowl is open to the public.

April 1-November 30

  • Pets are welcome on all trails and outdoor space at the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area
  • The Town of Camden Dog Ordinance requires that pet owners be in control of their pets at all times, either with a leash no longer than 8 feet, or obediently at “heel” beside the owner and under voice command. Pet owners must pick up their pet’s waste.
  • Coastal Mountains Land Trust requires dogs to be on leash on their Preserves and trails.

Closed Day and In- and Out-of-Bounds Skiing
Rope and “Ski Area Boundary” signs designate the area that the Snow Bowl maintains, grooms, patrols and otherwise actively manages. Within this area some trails, all T-Bar lines, and other designated areas are closed to skiers.

  • Only skiers and snowboarders with a valid ticket or pass may use the in-bounds area.
  • Skiers may ski uphill on the side of any open trail. It is your responsibilities to know what trails are open before proceeding uphill.
  • The inbounds area can be used only during normal operating hours. In an effort to balance access with the very real challenges groomer operators face, the inbounds area may also be used:
    • On non-holiday Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 am until 10 pm, when the Snow Bowl is closed. Any trail actively being groomed is off-limits.

The 22 Tacks trail, the adjacent snowshoe trail, and the north side of Spinnaker trail, from the bottom up to the backcountry gate at the Hosmer Brook Trail, may be accessed without a ticket from 6 am until 10 pm on any day, whether the Snow Bowl is operating or not. Beware of grooming equipment.
Backcountry or Out-of-Bounds
Using the Snow Bowl’s lifts to access areas outside the Ski Area Boundary is not prohibited, but neither is it recommended.  The Snow Bowl doesn’t maintain or patrol skiing terrain outside the boundary. Some terrain accessible from the ski area is private property whose owners limit access. It is the responsibility of users to know what property they are on and any restrictions. Crossing between the In-bounds area and “Backcountry” is prohibited except at clearly designated Backcountry gates.
Closed-day and backcountry users must accept a higher level of risk, including the risk of serious injury and death. When the ski operations are closed, users cannot expect to be rescued if they become injured, nor found if they become lost. In the Backcountry and on closed days, you should not expect groomed terrain with marked hazards. You should expect to encounter natural winter terrain, downed trees, stumps and other hazards both above and under the snow, as well as man-made hazards such as grooming machines, snowmobiles, downed power lines, hoses and other equipment at any location at any time. If you use the facility when it is not open to the public you assume all responsibility for your safety. That includes not traveling alone, having navigation and basic backcountry first aid skills, and being prepared with emergency equipment.  If you require a search, rescue, or first aid during closed hours and/or on terrain which is not within the in-bounds area, call 911. You may be billed for these services.
 Click here for the CLOSED DAYS SKIING POLICY.

Click here for a printable: WINTER TRAIL MAP


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