Terrain Park

 At the Camden Snow Bowl our Terrain Park crew is committed to design, construction and regular maintenance to provide a high quality freestyle experience. There is a member of the park crew on duty just about whenever the park is open. He or she not only maintains the elements, but also helps ensure a positive environment to ski and ride in.


What is new in the Terrain Park?

A New “C” Box that’s 20 feet long!
A New Trapezoid Box that’s 24 feet long!
The New Urban Stair Case!
A New Astro Turf Box
And a New Dance Floor for sliding!
New progression style elements for Joeyville
We are going green! Check out our new terrain park glade with all natural elements!  We have named it the “Graves”
We now have the Park Shark Terrain park safety awareness program to make the park better and safer!  Watch the video and get the Sick Sticker that enrolls you in our raffles!  Just get the Code # at the end of the video and tell it to the desk and get the rad “ Park Shark” sticker!
A special thanks to our park groomer “Tomcat” Tom Beauregard for all the great and creative work he does for the park!!!



Become a PARK SHARK and learn more about Terrain Park safety and etiquette:



Click here for Park Rats info

The Snow Bowl is CLOSED MONDAYS and TUESDAYS except on Holidays and Maine school vacations.

Skiing to Endanger, Reckless Skiing, violations of the Skiers Responsibility Code, Snow Bowl Facilities or Policies may result in loss of skiing privileges without refund.



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